V’Samachta B’Chagecha: Chai Lifeline Spreads Joy and Hope to Communities Across The Country 

Yom Tov is a time for families to come together, connect and immerse in the simcha of the new year. For families with seriously ill children or who have recently experienced trauma or loss, the holidays can often be filled with struggle or pain. Chai Lifeline has worked tirelessly to restore a sense of normalcy, deliver happiness, and provide respite and support to these families during the Yom Tov season. Staff and volunteers in the, New York, New Jersey/Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast, and West Coast regional offices of Chai Lifeline have been actively involved with a variety of projects to benefit families and communities across the U.S.

Unfortunately, thousands of families in our community are affected by illness, trauma, and loss. The endless doctors’ appointments, treatments, and recoveries can take their toll on parents, patients, family members, and friends. Logistical challenges, including cooking, shopping, and preparing for the Yom Tov meals can be overwhelming, and often take a back seat to caring for a loved one.   

“The Yomim Tovim is a time when Chai Lifeline children and their families need our care, compassion and tangible support to make yuntiv meaningful,” said Rabbi Mordechai Gobioff, MSW, National Director of Client Services for Chai Lifeline. “The goal of each region is to provide not just meals, but a warm embrace for the holidays, filled with strength and presence, ensuring that no family walks this challenging path alone.” 

While each region takes charge of the activities in their own community, among the support being provided are care packages for families, Yom Tov kits for children in the hospital, financial assistance, cleaning help at home, meal support, shofar blowing, sukkah building and hospital decorating, and more. These programs are made possible through the generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers committed to the organization’s mission.  

“I am immensely proud that our regional efforts serve as a source of support to so many families during the Yomim Tovim,” said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, CEO of Chai Lifeline. “Chai Lifeline staff and volunteers will go to any length to meet the needs of our families.”  

Chai Lifeline is an international support network, providing social, emotional, and practical assistance to children, families, and communities impacted by medical crises and trauma through a variety of year-round programs and services. To learn more, visit www.chailifeline.org.    

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