Crisis Resources

Resources and Guidelines for Community Leaders, Educators, Rabbis and Parents

Resources and Guidelines

Israel Crisis & Antisemitism Resources, Videos, and Support Material

Battlefronts: Tools for Countering the Horror in Eretz Yisroel Within The Home and Classroom

Children and Trauma: A Developmental Perspective

How to Talk to Children During a Crisis: Guidelines for Teachers and Parents

Breaking the News: Talking to a Child About a Death

(AUDIO) Teaching Tragedies: Strengthening students and ourselves when tragedy hits close to home

Facing the Aftermath of Suicide

Responding to a Tragedy: Help for Parents

When Our World Is In Peril: Keeping Your Family Cohesive and Secure
When Terror Surrounds Us

Resilient Responses to Natural Disaster

Helping Students With the Loss of a Rabbi

When a Child Disappears

Discussing the Unthinkable With Children and Students: Processing the Emotional Aftermath of a Murder

Talking to Children About War

Responding to Crises in the News

How to Talk to Your Children About the Texas School Shooting

One Year Anniversary of Meron Tragedy

Ukraine in the Classroom

Surfside Building Collapse

The Meron Tragedy

WATCH: COVID-19 Lecture Series

Jersey City Shooting

Monsey Chanukah Attack

Greenwood Lake Drowning

High Point Fire / Lakewood Public Schools

Poway Chabad Synagogue Attack

Norfolk Drowning

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