Crisis in Israel: Chai Lifeline Trauma Resources & Guidelines

In light of the ongoing situation in Israel and its traumatic impact on our brothers and sisters in Jewish communities across the world, Chai Lifeline Crisis Services presents the following tools and resources.

Guidelines for Parents & Educators

Read: Tools for the parents and educators

Rabbi Dr. Fox, Director of Chai Lifeline Crisis Services, on how to support children during challenging times

Support for Israel’s English-Speaking Community:

Chai Lifeline has established a dedicated 24-hour Crisis Line for Israel’s Anglo community, English-speaking students attending yeshivas and seminaries, and their families. Read More.

Chizuk: Rabbi Efrem Goldberg on Finding Hope and Strength in Dark Times

Short Informative Video Messages from Chai Lifeline Crisis Services

Rabbi Sruli Fried, MSW, Director Chai Lifeline NJ/PA, on how to address the war images children may see.

Crisis Services Campus Liaison Suri Nowosiolsky, LCSW, on how to discuss the war with your children

Trauma therapist Rabbi Avi Tenenbaum, MA, with a message for yeshiva and seminary students in Israel

Crisis Team Member Yair Cohn, LMFT, with a message on self-care for those who support others

Rabbi Yehoshua Liff on the importance of emotional support for our families during these difficult times

Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman offers tips for limiting children’s exposure to violent imagery.
Sarah Manne, Chai Lifeline Crisis Team Member, on how we can support one another. 

Rabbi Akiva Fox on how to channel emotions into prayer.

IDF Staff Sergeant Yossi Bluming on combating anxiety.

Matis Miller, LCSW, on tailoring conversations for children of different ages. 
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Chai Lifeline Crisis Services Director, on appropriately taking on stringencies or behavioral resolutions during frightening times. 
Dr. Elizabeth Weisinger offers tips for helping teens to manage difficult emotions.
Dr. Baruch Amiri offers tips for avoiding prolonged stress so we can be productive. 
Mrs. Devora Zheutlin, MA, CAS, on how to use physical sensations to help calm our minds.
Yisroel Davidson, Chai Lifeline Crisis Team Leader, on finding light through the pain.
Srula Chaiton, Chai Lifeline Crisis Team Member, on validating teen feelings.
Dayan Yehoshua Posen on how parents with children in Israel can manage their emotions during these difficult times. 
Eitan Turk, LCSW, on authentically feeling and experiencing reactions during these difficult times.
Dvora Entin, LCSW, PMH-C, on experiencing personal grief during crisis.
Rabbi Dov Foxbrunner on channeling anxiety to fuel our unique mission.

Rabbi Avichai Pepper, MHSC, on managing stress and concern caused by antisemitism.

Prayer for the IDF / מי שברך לחיילי צה״ל:

If you or someone you know is in need of support, contact Chai Lifeline Crisis Services at 855-3-CRISIS or

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