Staff Spotlight: Benny Flusberg, Achim B’Yachad Volunteer Coordinator  

I first connected with Chai Lifeline in Antwerp where a coordinator called me up and told me he thought I’d be a great volunteer. As I volunteered, I started building these really deep connections with Chai Lifeline kids (some of whom I still keep in touch with until this day). After I got married, I moved to America where someone introduced me to Hershey Katz, the director of Achim B’Yachad, which supports Chai Lifeline’s Chassidic clients… and the rest is history.

 As a volunteer coordinator, my job is to make sure everyone gets the help they need. Whether that’s through organizing volunteers for respite or hospital visits, running programs, delivering presents, or coordinating meals and transportation, I ensure it all gets done. My favorite part of it all is when a parent calls and you can hear how you have alleviated some of the burdens of illness and given them a moment to relax. It’s an amazing feeling and it’s what keeps me going.

 Another big source of inspiration is the volunteers themselves. Watching volunteers put their heart and soul into the children they help is awe-inspiring. Their commitment and dedication continue to move me every day.

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