Grandchildren in Crisis

Chai Lifeline presents “Grandchildren in Crisis,” a discussion with Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth, Rov of Khal Kol Torah in Brooklyn, and renowned psychologist Dr. David Pelcovitz. The wide-ranging talk will examine the role of grandparents with grandchildren undergoing traumatic experiences—such as addiction, serious illness, bereavement or their parents’ divorce—through a hashkafic, halachic and psychological lens.

Chai Lifeline Chief Executive Officer Rabbi Simcha Scholar will moderate the discussion, which will be available online at There will be a call-in option available at (605) 313-4108; Access Code: 293882; Reference Number: 1.

“Today’s grandparents are more invested and more involved in their grandchildren’s lives than ever before,” said Rabbi Scholar. “But when crisis strikes our grandchildren R”L, what can or should a grandparent do? How can we show we care while also respecting our children’s boundaries? What approach do we take? This conversation will take an in-depth look at this difficult yet highly relevant issue.”

Following the webcast, viewers and listeners will have the opportunity to submit questions directly Rabbi Geldwerth and Dr. Pelcovitz via email at To receive future communications regarding grandparent resources, contact

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