Chai Lifeline Opens Dedicated Crisis Line for Israel’s English-Speaking Community

In response to the devastating situation in Israel, Chai Lifeline, a leading international support network, has expanded its Crisis Services team to help those impacted by the worst civilian massacre in the country’s history. Chai Lifeline has announced the opening of a dedicated 24-hour crisis line to cater to Israel’s Anglo community, English-speaking students attending yeshivas and seminaries, as well as English-speaking parents of students in Israel.

Understanding the distinct challenges faced by the English-speaking population in Israel, particularly during these difficult times, Chai Lifeline is offering its renowned support system, ensuring that no one feels alone or unheard.

“Our hearts are with all of our brothers and sisters in Israel impacted by such unimaginable trauma,” said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, CEO of Chai Lifeline. “As a Jewish people we are all doing what we can to help. Chai Lifeline understands the unique concerns and cultural needs of the English-speaking community in Israel and the specialized support they require during such trying times. Our trained professionals and dedicated volunteers are prepared and committed to offering the necessary assistance, comfort, and guidance.”

Chai Lifeline encourages anyone in those specified groups in need of support to contact its 24-hour, confidential crisis line at 732-377-5135 (US), 03 978 6304 (Israel), or email For anyone else in need, please contact 855-3-CRISIS.

Chai Lifeline Crisis Services has been at the forefront of providing support to Jewish communities around the globe impacted by trauma for more than two decades. Learn more about Chai Lifeline Crisis Services at

One thought on “Chai Lifeline Opens Dedicated Crisis Line for Israel’s English-Speaking Community

  1. Hello,
    I’ll be happy to volunteer with local children and families (or by phone/zoom with people outside the Jerusalem area) with trauma informed therapeutic support, general emotional support, or just activities with small groups of kids. I’m a certified and experienced educational psychologist (and grandmother of six) working and living in Jerusalem (see my profile on the Get Help Israel website or
    Please add my contact details to whatever relevant listing you have.
    בשורות טובות
    Dr. Caroline Hacohen
    +972 (0)52-8997773
    Ramot, Jerusalem

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