Chai Lifeline Celebrates Graduation of Inaugural Lubeck Fellowship Cohort

Chai Lifeline, the Jewish community’s leading children’s health support network, is proud to announce the successful completion and graduation of the first cohort of its Lubeck Fellowship in Jewish Nonprofit and Communal Leadership. The groundbreaking initiative, launched with the generous support of Pam and Joe Lubeck and family, was designed to empower young men and women who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to volunteerism and community activism.

“In an era where Jewish leadership and pride are in such high demand in the face of a myriad of local and global challenges, the Lubeck’s investment in our young leaders is an investment the very future of the Jewish people,” said Rabbi Simcha Scholar, Chai Lifeline CEO. “This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in Chai Lifeline’s commitment to shaping the future leaders of the Jewish community.” 

The program, directed by Rabbi Ari Dembitzer, provided participants with a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the most prominent figures in the Jewish world. Guest speakers, including Rabbi Moshe Hauer, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union; Rav Judah Mischel, executive director of Camp HASC; Hillel Moerman, partner at Goldman Sachs Growth; and podcaster and social media influencer Yaakov Langer, shared invaluable insights and experiences, enriching the fellows’ understanding of Jewish communal leadership.

Over the course of an intensive eight-week seminar series, the fellows engaged in a comprehensive curriculum that covered critical aspects of Jewish values and identity, nonprofit management, education, advocacy, fundraising strategies, and the evolving role of Jewish nonprofits in the digital age.

Upon completion of the seminar series, the fellows were awarded a Certificate in Jewish Nonprofit and Communal Leadership, symbolizing their achievements and readiness to take on leadership roles within the Jewish community. Additionally, the graduates will now have the opportunity to join Chai Lifeline’s worldwide team, where they will apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact.

“This is a celebration not just of the accomplishments of our Fellows, but the bright future of Jewish leadership they represent,” said Rabbi Ari Dembitzer. “Thanks to the vision and support of the Lubeck family, we look forward to watching these young leaders forge ahead in all their areas of talent and expertise to create a better Jewish communal tomorrow.”

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2 thoughts on “Chai Lifeline Celebrates Graduation of Inaugural Lubeck Fellowship Cohort

  1. So proud of our friends Joe snd Pam Lubeck for their continuous support to develop Jewish leadership and commitment. They lead by example. Yashir Koach

  2. So proud of our friends Joe snd Pam Lubeck for their continuous support to develop Jewish leadership and commitment. They lead by example. Yashir Koach

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