A Father’s Day Message from Eliezer, a Chai Lifeline Dad

When my daughter Evy was diagnosed with cancer at age seven and began treatment, it was incredibly difficult to see my child unwell. As a physician, it was especially challenging to know that she had a long road ahead filled with many procedures and treatments that were not only scary but would likely make her feel even worse.

One way we overcame this was by constantly reassuring her—both through our actions and words—that we would be by her side no matter what she was enduring. Chai Lifeline provided consistent support, enabling us to accompany her on her journey. Despite her treatment, we made efforts to continue our regular activities and create fun, special moments as a family.

My medical background helped keep our family comfortable with the diagnostic language and understand the medications she was receiving. This knowledge allowed us to demystify many challenging discussions and normalize her treatments. As a result, we were able to approach her illness as any other medical or health challenge.

As a father, my focus was to avoid being overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. My advice to others facing similar challenges is to remember that many have gone through this before and that there are people and organizations, like the amazing team at Chai Lifeline, ready to offer support and comfort. Lean on these people for help.

I have witnessed how incredibly resilient children can be, and Evy showed me this in countless ways. Everyone who knows her is continually amazed by her openness and strength in facing her treatments and her willingness to discuss her experiences to support other children like her. She is truly remarkable, and I am a very proud father.

This Father’s Day, I reflect on the strength and love that define fatherhood. It’s a journey filled with challenges and triumphs, and I am grateful for the support of Chai Lifeline, which has been an unwavering pillar for our family. To all the fathers out there, know that you are not alone, and together, we can face any challenge with hope and resilience.

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